Facing Knowledge

The word SAGE popped up in my face a couple of days ago but it was pointed towards Jesus. It was in a poem that Jesus was the greater than any prophet and wiser than any sage. That isn't verbatim but I connected on the idea of living as a sage rather than living as... Continue Reading →


Rant (Christianly) XD

I wonder how many people actually study their Bible.. I mean like.. pull out original text and read it and look at the definitions of words instead of believing every English term they come across. I wonder how many people are offended in the church when you point something out. I wonder how many people... Continue Reading →

Batman Will Save Tesla (TSLA)

If people look into TSLA a bit more you may notice that Elon was sending out the bat signal! Apparently the US Gov't didn't see this coming but it looks like they fell right into his hands. Whatever the problem is... only looks like Bruce Wayne can fix it! That or Elon is just a... Continue Reading →

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