American Truck Simulator (ATS)

I just recently started playing American Truck Simulator and I enjoy it very much. However, I am not a trucker in real life as I wouldn’t like the long days away from home. But the learning of how to manuever such great trailers is fascinating. Shortly after watching the RyaStream I purchased the game. Shortly after playing the game I started modding skins for trucks and trailers. Here are some links to my workshop of Steam for what I currently have done for ATS. I am open to suggestions and/or requests for certain skins. Whether it be a real life truck or something you wish for me to drum up I’ll do either. An example of my work below.

Texas Longhorns Black Edition (Upon Request):

Accepting Donations (Donations will be put towards better editing software, computer equipment, etc.)

Xbox One

Xbox GT: Brilliant Calm

I usually do not play on the Xbox as we mainly just use it as an entertainment center for Netflix and the such.

Rocket League

I mainly play Rocket League through Steam on my PC. I do have an Xbox One account for Rocket League as well but rarely play on there.

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