Modern tech and hindered ability to grow in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ

A considerable read on paperback versus electronics with our memory spans.

Enough Light

I decided to re-blog this post from 2015. The links still work, plus there are some new ones.

I wanted to share some spiritual concerns related to my last post about google making people lazy, but it will take me a minute to get there. Besides the google search issue affecting our memories in a negative way, we also read differently on-line.

I’ve linked to articles in the past that discuss how we skim read and have shorter attention spans with on-line content, in comparison to the printed page. This affects our ability to read offline, and we are loosing our ability to concentrate and read longer or more challenging works of substance.

And e-readers…certainly there are advantages to e-readers but there are negatives when it comes to reading for retention and learning, such as non-fiction and textbooks. But even with fiction, studies suggest that recall of the plot after…

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Pyramids too technologically advanced?

They say even today we couldn't build pyramids because we don't have good enough equipment. When were the pyramids thought to be created? Now when was the great floyd predicted to happen? Could a generation more advanced then ours, who all but Noah turned from God, create these mighty pyramids?

Nero = 666?

I don't understand how people think 666 is in reference to Nero when the book of revelation was written 30 years after his death.

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