Diabolical Christianity

A couple nights ago as I lay in my bed about to go to sleep this term coined in my mind. What in the world? I didn’t have much of a clear picture of what this actually was or meant at the time. The next morning I wake up and scroll through my Facebook feed and notice that a pastor is blaming people for participating in Black Friday at 4am but not going to church or simply being late to church?

How does this make you feel?

For me, it irritated me because I was being spoken to as I am not a pastor and it was targeted to Christians and non-Christians alike. I don’t even get up at 4am for Black Friday and with the internet doing Black Friday for nearly a month this seems to be insane to say in the first place. Maybe he doesn’t have a computer.. which is totally not an excuse as he obviously at least has a smartphone to be smart on Facebook with.

Scrolling down even farther I hear a Christian news station talk about how a pastor from James River Assembly of God (which I attended when I was in my youth) had spoken about the demonic roots of Yoga. Hmm.. interesting. But he went on to say to abstain from it which caused commotion in the Bible belt of the USA and actually started to split churches.

How does this make you feel?

Now, I’m really irritated. I’m an older gent, 30, old enough to know that Christmas has demonic roots. Old enough to know that the Easter bunny is no saint. Old enough to know that Halloween has demonic roots. Old enough to know almost every single holiday we participate in has demonic roots. Old enough to know that our calendar with the days and their names signify pagan gods. Old enough to know that I don’t live in Israel.

So what now?

Because of the ignorance of another pastor, because this pastor thinks that Christians are practicing a demonic ritual and raising the spiritual forces of darkness by doing Yoga, because this pastor is lying to his sheep, because… what a mess. If Christians know how to do one thing at the supervisory level it is to make a mess that has to be cleaned up for generations after. Well prophets, have fun cleaning up this mess, I’d say people shouldn’t be so dumb and follow this pastor blindly, yet they will.

And if you really want to make this argument against me that Yoga is satanic than you better be prepared to throw every holiday in the trash can and leave the United States of America because the air you breathe is demonic.

Now, with my highly disagreement with what happened and what was said I do want to say in no way do I know the person behind the pulpit who spoke. I believe it was simply a mistake, I have to for now because this is the only negative thing I have heard. I’m not going to hate this person but I will not agree with what he is saying. Exercising the body should not be called demonic by any means regardless or not if it had roots of demonic activity. We will take the bad and turn it to good use as we have done so many times before. Relax.

Quit giving life to Satan and death to the sheep. I mean this by saying, quit saying that we can’t do things that benefit us in a healthy way and call it something else. Quit giving the power to Satan to immobilize us. It would be easy to say war is demonic and to abstain. Yet, where would that leave us as a nation?

So simply saying, diabolical Christianity is the further splitting of the church and its members. Dismembering the church for a false higher good. Telling people they’re worshiping Satan and shouldn’t when in fact they were never doing that and their hearts are with God and their spirits are intertwined with the Holy Spirit’s and they’re brother is Jesus Christ who is also their Lord and Savior.


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