Why Mindlessly Serve a God You Don’t Know?

I invite you today to crack open your Bible. Randomly flip it open to a place of your desiring and start in a new book you haven’t read or don’t remember much of. Take your time and read through the scriptures slowly. Remind yourself that the HS teaches you as you move along and have confidence in yourself while reading. Don’t force yourself to read too much and don’t force yourself to quit early. You will know when your spirit has had enough and you will begin to ponder on certain scriptures as you ask yourself why and start to figure out how God thinks and moves. Answers will come. Some as an epiphany and some as enlightenment. This will enlarge your day and give it purpose as you work through the tasks of the day. It is always a joy to lean into the Lord and learn Him as we move about. It is funny how we start a day with Him on our minds first and then begin to watch everything fall into place throughout the day. It really is an amazing experience.

So, you, who doesn’t know the Lord for themselves. Take a moment and relax. Release yourself unto the Word be it a scripture or two maybe a chapter or three. Whatever it is you can handle in the particular area you are in. And I genuinely would love you to enjoy your day. Today.


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