Unifying the Body

How is it we can once again unify the body of Christ? I ask this because it has been on my heart for the last month is mourning about how the body of Christ is split into different sects of the city. Why can’t we just have one massive assembly? Why not, at least, once in awhile have a massive assembly.. what about just once a year?

How could we unify the body of Christ? Is it possible that the leaders of every sect could gather themselves into a room and decide on this without festering over each other. Is it possible for the church to love itself again?

Now just imagine for a second that these churches did unify and had a massive assembly once a year. Could you imagine the onlookers? The look of awe on their faces when they look to see a sea of faces of God’s people?

You know what I can’t wait about Heaven? It is this very thing! Imagine being amidst each other in a crowd of billions if not a trillion people in Heaven singing praises. How amazing this would be.

Take a second to think about if the church would unify once a month and it happened outside. Take a second to think about all the non-believers who would actually think, “maybe there is something to this” as they drive by. How many new lives would be saved do you think?

Let us bring hope to people’s lives again. Anyone else sick of just being enclosed in a building far off away from others where no one can see in? I know I am. I am ready for a mass flood of God’s people to just praise him outdoors among the nations. Just come together and rejoice. How cool it would be to be an all day thing once a month. Like a concert going continually with speakers here and there. Oh happy days.


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