Breakthrough vs Stay-through

Breakthrough, breakthrough, we need a breakthrough! Well, I’m am happy for all those who stay-through and keep pushing to the breakthrough stage. I once heard a pastor, probably ill advised in hype, tell people they need to quit needing a breakthrough.

Listen, breakthroughs are an amazing thing. But if you hear a teaching telling you that you don’t, well, it is probably safe to say they don’t know what they’re talking about! We wouldn’t need breakthroughs if we didn’t have stay-throughs. Not everyone is a hypochondriac. I’ve heard a lot of ill advise from preaching growing up but this one reminded was brought back to memory about three days ago and it came back to correct my thinking. Yes, I have given in and trusted 110% in what pastors had to say just to be burned in the future and then have God correct me. Funny thing is I didn’t give much heed to this word from the pastor but it obviously still stuck in my subconscious.

A breakthrough is such an amazing thing. What breakthrough did I get you wonder? I spent the better part of a week reading and rereading about trade options on the stock market until it finally just clicked. I felt so elated and relieved and for the most part happy then made $100 off $65. Amazing stuff. It reminds me of the parable of the talents. May I please the Lord to be smart enough to rule over things He gives to me. To each one according to their abilities. Amazing stuff. What are your abilities? What are you pushing through? Where do you need a breakthrough? Would love to hear from you guys!


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  1. It took me a longtime but I had a break through in the way I see everything. I used to have a negitive outlook on life, I blamed my past for my outlook on life. It wasn’t until I met my stubborn bullheaded husband who turned out to be just what I needed his straight forward outlook if I had an issue he didn’t coddle me he made me face my problems and attitudes head on. I hated it and to this day I still hate it but I love him so much for constantly pushing me to be the best I can be. I am honestly the luckiest woman to have such a loving man. I have also learned to have a loving relationship with not only those around me but also with god which is something I’ve never had. I just am happier than I’ve ever been after giving my heart to god and my amazing husband.

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