Skydiving (Tandem)

Recently, I just went skydiving for the first time ever! It was amazing and I suggest everyone to at give it a try at least once in life. It cost me 225 USD where I am located and was worth every penny.

My journey on the plane to the time we jumped was incredibly insane. The ride took 20 minutes just to get to jump height.

It was a beautiful mid-summer day with a slight breeze of about 10 mph. My significant other and I sat in the hangar awaiting our turn to put the jump gear on. The energy in the place was filled with excitement and uncertainty as a lot of people were there to jump for the first time. In the back corner of the hangar was a couple of couches with a television set for people to watch their jump, err.. more like their screaming faces all the way down. It was funny to see and watch the reactions of those who had already partook in their skydiving journey.

My excitement increased after watching several people land on the ground from their jump as I impatiently waited. Finally, it was our turn. An instructor called us over and began to teach us the basics of what to expect and do.

“Who here has jumped before?” the instructor asked. “No one, okay, well great and welcome!” After he went through his spiel on the safety harness and what everything was for, he made a couple of funny comments that were life saving, but he made sure they would stick in our minds through comedy. The instructor looked at all of us and said, “Concerning our arms and how to hold them out just remember it isn’t superman,” whilst posing for all to see, “and it isn’t Jesus on the cross. It’s super Jesus! But…” the instructor continued, “…the main thing to remember is to keep your pelvis pushed forwards to maintain a center of gravity. Keep your hips thrust towards the ground. Legs back and arms out like super Jesus!”

Shortly after the speech, it was time for my significant other and and I to jump. We walked down towards the little tiny plane and our tandem instructors checked our gear once more to made sure everything was snug and fit properly. We boarded the plane and at 6’2″ that wasn’t exactly easy. Just like our gear we all fit snug within the cabin of the plane’s floor. I had the awesome door view which in due time would rattle for the next 20 minutes as we flew higher and higher into the air.

Once we were all in safe and snug, the pilot started to do his round onto the runway where we began to take off. To my surprise the door was kept open all the way down the runway until a little bit after takeoff. Note to the reader, I was sitting about an inch or two from the open door, It was kind of cool though! I Watched the tires spin down the runway until the plane had enough speed to lift off.

Once we were in the air we began making rounds in circles until we reached 10,000 feet.

39536100_1929852060407797_6924576987369439232_oIt seemed to last forever but when we reached height my instructor asked me to lean over away from the door. He unlatched the door and began to fist hammer it until it opened. It caught me by surprise at first, then I felt inclined to help, although by that time the door popped open and the wind began roaring inside the plane.

“Put your foot on the running board,” my instructor told me. “Okay…” I responded while slowly placing my foot out the door. The wind grabbed my leg and torqued it to the side really quick but I soon reached the step to stand upon. Getting my second foot out there was well, quite testy. “Let go of the door! Let go of the door!” my instructor was yelling in my ear. “My second foot..” is all I got out of my mouth when my instructor removed my hand from the door frame. “Just lay back.” he said as I felt him shift his weight out the door. I quietly said to myself just then and there, “What the hell am I doing?”

Then my instructor jumped! And after that.. well.. take a look.


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