Your Adversaries Never Win in the End

There is a time and/or times in all of our lives that someone loses their minds on us. What do we do in these moments helps define who we are becoming. Life utterly seems like a mess at times and more of a test than anything else. We have to act groomed and proper at work, outside of work, sometimes at home, at family gatherings, on vacation, etc. But what do you do when some goes irate and the action is directed towards you?

I ask you to sit back and take a moment and dwell on the heat of moments throughout your life and how you handled them. What was the best way of handling these moments?

I’ve learned for myself overtime that simply being quiet and letting everything absorb before allowing myself to reply has helped best. I used to be a fiery kid who would just simply yell back but that isn’t who I want to be. I don’t want to be controlled by the emotions of others and their ‘problems’ within the heat of the moment whether that problem is something I caused, did, didn’t do, etc.

I ask everyone one of us to love ourselves in these moments when the heat is being poured on because at that moment we’re the only ones loving ourselves. Whether or not we may be to blame you should never accept being screamed at as a solution. Yes, it’ll happen but how do you respond? Retreat within yourself and find that compassion for yourself. Try not to live out of your emotions but by who you know yourself to be and when it is time to reply, if need be, give a compassionate reply. Not for them but for you.

Oftentimes people are confused by why they’re instructed to be nice to others, to not commit adultery, to be clean, etc. It never was about the other person. It was always about us as individuals. How do you respect yourself? What memories do you want to give yourself? Do you chance heartbreak? Do you chance a negative reputation? What is it you really want in life?

Well I tell you today, regardless of how your adversaries treat you up front, they will never win in the end. In the end we are defined by how we have presented ourselves and by our individual accomplishments. In the end, it is just us, no adversaries. Take joy and peace in this.

Learn. Grow. Love. Most of all enjoy life and don’t let anyone get you down!


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