Why Not to Commit Suicide

Many famous minds, many intellectual minds, many important minds have at one time or another contemplated suicide. So, why you? Why do you contemplate?

I get it. I do, as a survivor of the mindset to off myself multiple times, I finally decided to bring myself out on the end of life. It was really self talk that motivated me to stay alive. It was never what anyone else said to me. No one, can feel the individuals pain as they do. What they see, what they go through on a daily basis, who there caretakers in life are as they grow into adulthood or simply how they view the world.

After my eighth failed attempt (yes, eighth) I started to think about why I should stay alive especially since my body wouldn’t die. What do I have to look forward to? Can I actually pave my own path?

It wasn’t these questions that kept me alive after that day but it was a statement I made to myself that did. Let us see what life is bringing. The curiosity arose in me and I set out on a knowledge quest. I had to learn everything. The greatest thing I first learned was how everyone I looked up to had lied to me, about everything. I began to realize how I was manipulated in this world from adolescents. To be downright honest, it made me angry. I was offended, annoyed, irritated beyond belief that my loved ones lied to me all these years just to manipulate and press their own image of life onto me as if I was their last hope of survival in their twisted reality. No wonder.. no wonder.. but can we help to think for a moment that they were indoctrinated the same way?

Personally, the deceit led me to a stronger position on learning. I’m steadfast in the truth today. Lies kill people. Lies kill your loved ones. First in the mind, then in the physical.

So, tell me, why today, do you contemplate? Because the world has set itself up in lies? Because your family has set itself up in lies?

What if you are one of the ones who changes this world into truth and provision? To help eradicate the lies that have been set in place to manipulate? We need you. We need your help. We want your help.


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